Emerging Technologies & Regional Stability

Ecological Transition in Digital Era: CPEC Perspective

Emerging Technologies and Regional Stability

Major Challenges hindering Regional Stability in age of digitalization

Chinese star times

In digital world its important to reach out communities in far areas. Star times: an opportunity for Pakistan

Data challenges in Air pollution

Pakistan is facing data challenges on air pollution. We need to quantify emissions

Digital society is the only option for sustainable development

An Exclusive Talk with Major General (R), Muhammad Samrez Salik, HI(M) at the SDPI's 22th SDC

Inaugural of Sustainable Development Conference of SDPI at Presidency

President Dr Arif Alvi inaugurated SDPI's 22nd conference


Firdous Ashiq Awan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting.

Firdous Ashiq Awan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Addressing SDPI's Annual SD Conference 2019.

An Exclusive talk with Former Finance Minister, Punjab Ms Aisha Ghous at SDPI's SD Conference.

Opportunities & Challenges in Digital Age

An Exclusive talk with Former Chairman Board of Investment Mr Haroon Sharif at SDPI's SD Conference

Sustainable Development in Digital Society

Youth and peace building

Youth should be given voice and space in decision making

Youth and peace building

Youth should be given voice and space in decision making

Emerging Technologies & Regional Stability

Ecological Transition in Digital Era: CPEC Perspective


Economic Development
Pakistan is keen to continue working with Afghanistan in pursuit of connectivity and energy projects linking Pakistan with Central Asia, said Sartaj Aziz, the Prime Ministers Adviser on Foreign Affairs, while speaking at a conference: Afghanistan Reconnected: Linking Energy Suppliers to Consumers in Asia. The conference was organized by East West Institute (Brussels, Belgium) and co-hosted by SDPI here at Islamabad. The Adviser said peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan is in Pakistan's vital national interest. He said last week's visit to Pakistan by President Karzai was helpful in building trust enhancing mutual understanding reaffirming the commitment to work together to promote peace and reconciliation and determining ways to strengthen bilateral relations. Raja Taimur Hassan has the story
Food Security
Calling for the quality food for every household, speakers at a seminar say high level political will is required to achieve \'zero hunger\' in the country. The seminar titled \"World Food Day 2014: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth\" was organized by SDPI at Islamabad. They stressed the need for family farming which what they believe would ensure food security around the world. Raja Taimur Hassan has the story...
Peace and Conflict
The rivalry between Hamas and Fateh has weakened the Palestinian cause by dividing opinions between the two rivals in West Bank and Gaza strip. Dr. Fidaa Shehada of USA believes that Hamas at the moment is the true representative of the Palestinians. Our correspondent Kashmala Chaudhry has the story.
SD Conference
Speakers urge that the “Representative South Countries” should be given veto powers in order to enhance their representation in the global decision-making. At a panel discussion “Global Governance and Development in South Asia: Future Prospects” on the occasion of 15th Sustainable Development Conference organized by SDPI at Islamabad believe, global governance is a process of cooperative leadership that brings together national governments, multilateral public agencies, and civil society to achieve commonly accepted goals. There are several challenges to the global governance that include climate change, financial instability, food price volatility and energy issues. Our Correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has the details…
Could the ongoing floods disaster in the country be converted into opportunity at the same time when certain areas are witnessing drought? To get the answers of such questions, we have invited Dr Qamer Zaman Chaudhary, the director-general for Meteorology and the lead author of Pakistan\'s Climate Change Policy, at a Coffee Table program... Anchor: Tahir Ahmad Dhindsa Guest: Qamar Zaman Chuadhary
Dr. Sajid Amin Javed, Research Fellow at SDPI discusses the factors behind Pakistan economic slowdown and rising debt levels.
Social Sector Development
Pakistan through the United Nation’s system has sough $ 440 million from the international donor community for the restoration of livelihood of the flood victims waiting for a response, since 2010. Our correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has the story…
A culture dies when a language dies, and at times it wipes out entire communities from the pages of history. Ormuri is one such language on the brink of extension. For Reviving Ormuri language, Russian linguist Dr. V.A. Efimov had written a book “The Ormuri Language in Past and Present”. The book has been translated by Dr. Joan L.G. Bart from Netherlands in English. The official presentation of book has been jointly organized by Forum for Language Initiatives, Islamabad and Sustainable Development Policy Institute. Our correspondent Muhammad Adnan has the story…