Emerging Technologies & Regional Stability

Ecological Transition in Digital Era: CPEC Perspective

Emerging Technologies and Regional Stability

Major Challenges hindering Regional Stability in age of digitalization

Chinese star times

In digital world its important to reach out communities in far areas. Star times: an opportunity for Pakistan

Data challenges in Air pollution

Pakistan is facing data challenges on air pollution. We need to quantify emissions

Digital society is the only option for sustainable development

An Exclusive Talk with Major General (R), Muhammad Samrez Salik, HI(M) at the SDPI's 22th SDC

Inaugural of Sustainable Development Conference of SDPI at Presidency

President Dr Arif Alvi inaugurated SDPI's 22nd conference


Firdous Ashiq Awan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting.

Firdous Ashiq Awan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Addressing SDPI's Annual SD Conference 2019.

An Exclusive talk with Former Finance Minister, Punjab Ms Aisha Ghous at SDPI's SD Conference.

Opportunities & Challenges in Digital Age

An Exclusive talk with Former Chairman Board of Investment Mr Haroon Sharif at SDPI's SD Conference

Sustainable Development in Digital Society

Youth and peace building

Youth should be given voice and space in decision making

Youth and peace building

Youth should be given voice and space in decision making

Emerging Technologies & Regional Stability

Ecological Transition in Digital Era: CPEC Perspective


Economic Development
Experts at a conference call upon the government to scale down the public debt, as what they say the huge public debts pose unavoidable risks to the national economic freedom. The conference titled: \"National Debt Conference\" was jointly organized by Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME)and daily Business Recorder in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Islamabad. Raja Taimur Hassan has more to tell...
Food Security
Pakistan needs to acquire new technologies and adopt best practices in Agriculture production so as to ensure food security to its people. At a seminar on “Innovation in Food Security Strategies in Pakistan” organized jointly by Ministry of Food Security, the US Embassy and SDPI in Islamabad, experts say that in Pakistan, every third newborn baby is malnourished and the situation can further worsen if immediate measures are not adopted. Our Correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has the story . . .
Peace and Conflict
Government urges to take immediate measure for countering radicalization in the country in a \'High Level Experts Meeting on Human Security\', organized by SDPI at Islamabad. Experts say state and society has to work in collaboration with one and another in order to ensure progress of Human Security in Pakistan. The meeting was attended by government officials, representatives of UN agencies, human rights bodies, lawyers, academics, researchers and journalists. Raja Taimur Hassan has more to tell...
SD Conference
Speakers call for equal and proportional representation of women in the political system of Pakistan. At a panel discussion on the occasion of “15th Sustainable Development Conference” organized by SDPI here at Islamabad, speakers urge amendments in the Representation of Peoples Act 1976 in order to allocate at least 33% quota seats for women candidates. They believe that unless the internal culture of women participation among political parties is strengthened, the democratic culture could not flourish in the country. Our correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has the story…
AGENDA, a nonprofit organization of Tanzania, has joined hands with SDPI to get training on mercury monitoring. SDPI is the first institute of South Asia which has initiated a project to measure mercury pollution in the air. The collaborative project, started by SDPI, European Environmental Bureau and Zero Mercury Working Group, is an attempt to identify and monitor ‘Mercury emission and release sites’ in various cities of Pakistan. The project aims to assess air quality to protect environment and human health from the hazards of mercury. Our correspondent Anum lodhi has the story….
A recently published book titled ‘Growth and Inequality in Pakistan’ authored by Dr Hafiz A. Pasha discusses the reform agenda of the government and how to revive the real sectors of economy. It follows a set of policies and actions required to stabilize the balance of payments as well as public finances of the country.
Social Sector Development
Citizen's Report Card (baseline) Survey on Education in Khanewal and Vehari
For decades, the relationship with the US has been the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. After the Salalah incidence in later November 2011, in which NATO air force killed more than two dozen servicemen of Pakistan armed forces, stationed at a regular border post at Pak-Afghan border, the relationship between the two countries deteriorated. The NATO supply route has now been reopened and restored, which was shutdown in protest. What are the connotations of this episode and the future of Pak-US relationship? The Executive Director of SDPI, Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri has discussed this issue in this in-depth interview, given to Tahir Dhindsa of SDTV, in Islamabad...